SMB3 Hacking

What is SMB3 hacking?

SMB3 Workshop SMB3 hacking is editing the original version of Super Mario Bros. 3, whether it be changing the graphics, levels, maps, palettes (colors), or all of these combined. Sometimes it's simply referred to as "making custom SMB3 levels". The term "hacking" simply means modifying code, data, and the like; hacking comes in various forms, not just the vicious kinds. Simply find a SMB3 ROM, a NES Emulator (NesterJ is fine; so is Nestopia and Virtua NES, as well as the latest versions of FCEUX, etc. You can record any game you're playing on most emulators, and they record to .AVI directly or allow you to export to .AVI), Lunar IPS, YY-CHR and/or Tile Layer PRo for graphics, and four SMB3 hacking programs. SMB3 Workshop, the SMB3 Map Editor, SMB3 TE, and Vegas are the only programs that should be of interest right now. SMB3 Workshop edits levels, palettes, and pointers. The SMB3 Map Editor edits nearly all things with the maps in SMB3: tiles, map pointers, sprites, airship retreat points, the starting space, pipes, and locks. SMB3 TE edits tiles and palettes shown on the title screen. Vegas edits the first deck of cards in the N-Spade card game. You may get the SMB3 TSA Editor, but it's really hit and miss. It manages to work on some computers and it doesn't work on others. If you're great at art and you'd like to change some graphics in your hack, YY-CHR and Tile Layer Pro will be useful in changing those graphics. Some people get headaches when trying to come up with their own graphics, but some people get graphics from other games or hacks. Others get headaches just opening the program. It just depends on the user in from of the screen. The SMB3 Map Editor

Lunar IPS is used for patching an IPS file to a ROM and for creating IPS patches. Most sites do not favor most ROMs present, so IPS patches are used instead. It's also the way that ROM hacks are distributed.

Lunar IPS If you'd like, you can create a folder with SMB3 ROMs and programs. You can place lots of copies of the SMB3 ROM on this folder so that you have plenty for ROM hacking and for patching hacks to these ROMs. You are ready to start hacking SMB3! The pages below will help you get a good feel of the programs used for SMB3 hacking. You can visit them if you've encountered any problems with SMB3 Workshop.

Using SMB3 Workshop The SMB3 Map Editor

If you get stuck, need any help, or want to show off your hack, feel free to drop by Board 2, or e-mail me at

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